Ellen Hanbidge

Born and raised in Montreal, Ellen attributes her love of architecture and design to her parents' quest for the perfect country home. She fondly remembers helping them restore their 1789 stone farmhouse to its original charm. As a teenager, she became passionate working the country auction circuit, honing her bargaining and negotiating skills, and she still loves nothing more than finding a diamond hidden in among the rubble. Ellen graduated from Queen's University with a degree in Math and Economics and a background in computing. In the early 1980s, she was swept up in the Toronto consulting world, designing and developing software solutions for a wide range of clients But what she enjoyed most about her job was the work with her clients: identifying their needs, creating a plan, then negotiating the best solution on their behalf. When she began looking to buy her first home, she immediately saw what a natural and exciting career fit real estate could be for her. Finding the perfect home for the people she works with still fills her with determination and enthusiasm. Ellen took time away from her real estate career to raise her two daughters, and during this time completed a Master's degree in Child Study and Education. While her girls were young, to create more family time, she taught at both the high school and elementary levels. Once her girls were old enough, she found herself drawn back to the challenges of her real estate career. Her understanding of Toronto's independent and public school systems has been a asset in helping her clients to find the right family neighbourhood. She has also completed her Senior Accreditation, which provides her with the information and the opportunity to offer advice and guidance for seniors transitioning to simpler home maintenance lifestyles.