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The Beaches AKA The Beach, Toronto Real Estate

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The Beach, located in the east end of Toronto, is more commonly known as the Beaches, with Queen Street east at it's heart. The Beach is a vibrant tourist and family neighbourhood just north of Lake Ontario. It is bounded by Victoria Park Ave. to the east, Coxwell Ave to the west, the lake to the south and Kingston Road to the north. Originally the Beach was a wooded area with just a few homes scattered close to the water and was used more as a holiday destination for Toronto residences. The neighbourhood began to grow in the early 1900’s with the growth of Queen Street East and the changes being made to the beach to enlarging it. With the addition of cars it made it easier for the community to get back and forth from the city. As years progressed Queen Street East took on a life of its own. Busy restaurants, family stores, theatres and everything you needed in a satellite neighbourhood was offered. In 1932 the boardwalk was added for the finishing touch to the waterfront. During this period of time streets were developed and homes built and we saw many young families that wanted to leave the hustle and bustle of central Toronto and move to the Beaches.

Beaches Homes and Gardens

The majority of the homes in this area are 2 or 3 story, detached or semi-detached. The streets are tree-lined, some winding and some quite hilly. The properties tend to be a bit narrow at 25 to 35 ft. The depths of the properties run from just under 100 ft to close to 150 ft. What I love about the Beach area is the unique and distinctive look to each home; Colourful homes, beautiful gardens and a very warm feel as you drive down the streets of the beaches. Prices have risen dramatically over the past 5 years and it can be difficult to find a house under $900,000 in this area. Over the past 10 years we have began to see townhouses around Greenwood and Coxwell be developed and more condo and loft buildings are starting to appear on Queen Street East.

Queens Street East, shops and restaurants

Plenty of restaurants sprawl along Queen Street East with a taste and price for everyone. Patios on the street or rooftops are everywhere. People come from all over the area just to walk Queen Street East and the boardwalk. It is considered the in place to be in Toronto. Just blocks from the lake, with parks and gardens to explore and shops to amble in, people make a day of it. The boardwalk offers 3 kms for walking, biking or rollerblading. You will find strollers everywhere making their way on Queen Street or the boardwalk.

Why Live in Toronto's Beach?

Family amenities, greenspace, Queen Street East and of course the Lake make this neighbourhood one of the most sought after areas in the city. It has it’s own small town feel, yet a short ride by streetcar to the financial district and heart of downtown Toronto. Once people move to the Beach, they remain. Parks are on almost every block with fields for baseball, soccer, lacrosse and rugby. Outdoor and indoor rinks are steps away. The Beach is its own self contained neighbourhood. Transportation is fairly good, street cars within blocks, the DVP just a couple of miles away and Kingston Road to move east and west in and out of the city. The only complaint I hear about the Beach is weekend traffic, especially in the summer, can make parking difficult for visitors. Not so much a problem for the locals, who leave their cars at home and stroll to the Beaches and restaurants on Queen.

Schools in The Beaches, Toronto

Level              School Name   Website    Ranking
Elementary   Bowmore Road   site   rank
Elementary   Adam Beck   site   rank
Elementary   Balmy Beach   site   rank
Elementary   Kew Beach   site   rank
Elementary   Kimberly Jr.   site   rank
Elementary   Williamson Road   site   rank
Middle School   Glen Ames   site   n/a
Secondary   Malvern Collegiate   site   rank
Catholic   St. Dennis   site   n/a
Catholic High   Neil McNeil   site   rank
French   Georges Etienne Cartier   site   n/a

Library in the Beach, Toronto

Jazz festival in the Beached, Toronto


Toronto Beaches Events

Name   Date   Website
Beaches Jazz Festival   2016 TBD   site
Holiday Fireworks   see site    site
Farmers Market   Sundays 9 -2    site
Beaches Fine Art Show   September 16 - 27   site
Woofstock   September 26 - 27    site
Food Truck Festival   August 1 - 2   site

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